Settling Claims Fairly and Promptly


Insurance is one of the few commodities you pay for in the sincere hope you’ll never need it. Purchasing a policy at a bargain price doesn’t count for much if your insurer is unresponsive, unfair or uncooperative in settling a claim, whether the loss is home, business or farm related. Keystone National is as conscientious about settling claims as it is in securing affordable coverage.

Fairness and promptness in settling claims, the true service component of the industry, are high priorities.

Keystone National is understandably proud of its solid record in settling claims, very few of which are challenged as unfair settlements. There is a misconception that the objective of claims is to save the company as much money as possible or that the adjuster somehow gets a piece of the action. Our professional adjusters, whether company or independent, are committed to adhering to the insurance contract and receive zero incentive for "saving the company money".

In-house adjusters work closely with the policy holders for prompt resolution of the claim, with independent adjusters filling that role in specified geographical areas. These adjusters are not employees but tried-and-true contractors with long-standing relationships with Keystone National. Because a number of the adjusters have draft authority from the company, adjusters are often able to hand checks to clients literally at the scene of their loss.

New claims are monitored in-house, but both the agent and the underwriter are a vital part of the process. That’s one reason the client who has suffered the damage or loss is always kept in the loop

Here’s How to File a Claim…

Please follow the sequential steps below to file your new claim.

  1. Contact your independent agent during business hours, and they will start the process by filing a Loss Notice form through KNIC’s centralized claims dispatch.

  2. If you experience an EMERGENCY claim after hours, weekends or holidays, call 570-746-9545.

Did You Know?

The incentive for agents to deal with Keystone National Insurance Company is the personalized relationships between agents and underwriters. “The underwriters know the agents and the agents understand the risks in their areas,” says Todd E. Salsman, TW’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). Jay W. Chadwick, Chairman/President/Chief Executive Officer, credits “disciplined underwriting” and “easier access to decision making” in this simple but effective approach.