About Us

About Us…

Keystone National Insurance Company may be one of the new kids on the block, commencing business on January 1, 2005, but its parentage goes back some three decades to the Northumberland region in central Pennsylvania. The Keystone Insurers Group, Inc., was born when four agencies joined forces in 1983, protecting people, their families and businesses over that span as it continues to expand coverage throughout the country.

Guided by a proven management team and experienced agents with intimate knowledge of their communities, Keystone National is able to customize coverage through some of the best underwriters in the business. In fact, this is a proven success formula, putting the underwriter and agent in close contact, with the policyholder reaping the ultimate benefits. It is a relationship that teams to construct the policy that works for the policyholder at an affordable price.

The branches of insurance provided by Keystone National are Personal, Commercial, Agricultural and Specialty. Whether you are a homeowner or a renter living in a traditional house, apartment or mobile home, there is a policy that works for you. Keystone National is a small business specialist wielding expertise in markets ranging from retailers and restaurateurs to antique dealers and bed & breakfast owners to forest products.  The farmers who have fueled the growth of a fundamentally agrarian nation are still a priority at Keystone National, with coverage including traditional fire and liability, as well as personal property, livestock and all structures on the premises.

Specialty Insurance extended by Keystone National includes all kinds of social gatherings and special events, including milestones like weddings and celebratory gatherings. Coverage encompasses social clubs and sportsmen’s groups and even homeowners’ associations. American life is comprised of many communities other than the towns in which we reside. They may be related to recreation, hobbies or special interests, but they are part of the fabric that enriches our lives and they too are protected from losses.

“Keystone Insurers Group combines the knowledge and resources of its 235 partner agencies countrywide to further benefit our clients,” reported Elizabeth Schenk, the Keystone Insurance Group’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, recently after adding Georgia to the roster of states in which it has agencies. Of course, Keystone National has these resources at its disposal.

Recent and ongoing technology upgrades, featuring a real-time quoting and uploading platform, combine the traditional and contemporary approaches to insuring homes, businesses and farms. One industry observer described it as “startling in its simplicity,” and Keystone National strives to bring simplicity into every aspect of its business, including technology. If wielded judiciously, technology will strengthen, not diminish, the bond between the underwriter and agent, which has traditionally relied on easy access. Technology is the tool for doing that.

 Keystone National’s focus is on identifying and responding to policyholders' changing needs for property coverage, some of which may be deemed outside industry standards. The risk solutions usually come from the independent agents within the Keystone framework, deemed “the backbone of the insurance industry” by KIG Executive Vice President Colin R. Buzzard, who describes them as “entrepreneurs who run their own successful businesses while managing both vendors and providers in a highly regulated industry.”

Did You Know?

In dealing with claims, KN relies on a network of adjusters with Chief Claims Officer Dave Schweitzer at the helm. Schweitzer says there were about 2,200 claims between TW and Keystone National Insurance Company in the previous year, with in-house adjusters handling about 58 percent of them. The rest are handled by independents, a number of whom have draft authority of up to $5,000 for quick payment of damages.