KN History


Created in the summer of 2003, the Keystone National Insurance Company went into business on January 1, 2005, with the official blessing of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

The word Keystone has historical significance, other than operating in the Keystone State. The legacy comes through the Keystone Insurers Group, Inc. (KIG), which has been insuring homes and businesses since 1983. As the offspring of KIG, Keystone National became a sister company of Tuscarora Wayne Insurance Company (TW) with its formation as a licensed property and casualty stock insurer.

The origins of Keystone National evolve from the simple premise that there is strength in numbers, particularly in a very competitive market. That’s how KIG was born in central Pennsylvania, maintaining its entrepreneurial spirit while, at the same time, bringing four agencies together in a unique partnership that has expanded into a national presence. At the culmination of KIG’s three decades in business the number of partner agencies is approaching 250 with a significant presence in eight different states already and more to come.

The most rapid expansion of KIG took place in 1999 with an organizational overhaul and change in philosophy—franchising agencies rather than its previous cooperative approach. This business model thrives because KIG is owned by its employees and franchise partners. These franchises retain their status as independent agencies.

By 2003—the same year Keystone National was born— KIG moved outside of Pennsylvania’s borders for the first time. It started with North Carolina and since then the states enlisting into the “Keystone Community” through partner agencies were Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. Look for other states to follow in short order as KIG looks to other states with an aggressive franchising approach.

As a stock property/casualty insurance company, Keystone National is authorized under Pennsylvania Insurance Company Law to transact business under Sections and Subsections through a gamut of provisions pertaining to  homes, businesses, farms and specialty coverage. Coverage is extended to property owners and renters alike residing in or owning single-family residences, apartments and mobile homes. Keystone National also places a high priority on small businesses of all sorts.  

One of the first internal projects for the newly formed Keystone National was surveying agents to determine what they needed, particularly in the technology arena. The response led to implementing technology upgrades and improvements to call center capabilities.

Nobody knows the clients and the risks better than the agents, and Keystone National, in its first decade, is utilizing technology to achieve a startlingly simple goal: strengthening the bond by accentuating the access between local agents and their underwriters. The ultimate winner in this formula is the policyholder.

Did You Know?

$45 billion dollars were paid by insurance companies for natural catastrophes and man-made disaster claims around the world in 2013, says Swiss Re, a global reinsurance company.  Global insured losses for 2013 represent a big drop from 2012 when there were $81 billion in paid claims.