What KN Covers

What Keystone National Covers…

Whether you are a traditional homeowner, a renter, a farmer or a small to mid-sized business owner, you can count on Keystone National to provide the coverage that fits your needs. The key lines of coverage fall under the realms of Personal, Commercial and Agricultural, which are essentially your home, your business and your farm. Then there is Specialty Insurance to accommodate life’s special moments and undertakings, providing the protection that brings peace of mind.

Your Home…

home signYour home, whether owned or rented, is more than just a place to hang your hat. It’s a sanctuary, a major investment, a center of family life and a repository for treasured belongings. Keystone National recognizes the importance of your home, as well as the emotional and financial impact of loss or damage. Independent agents in your neighborhood team with skilled underwriters to bring you the most affordable coverage based on an analysis of “perils” involved. That leads to the risk solutions that are so essential

Coverage packages protect your home, as well as loss and damage to other structures on the property, and we also cover damage to personal property and assist with additional living expenses if you are displaced from your home. Keystone National also welcomes quality mobile homes reflecting a pride of ownership.

It means going above and beyond the traditional homeowners’ policies by evaluating your unique circumstances, whether it’s a home still under construction, one that is tenant-occupied or a seasonal dwelling. We also protect you, the homeowner, by offering options for personal liability coverage.

Your Business…

flower shopKeystone National covers the businesses that are so important to your community and neighborhood. Relying on local agents who know their turf guarantees an appreciation, not just for the risks of doing business, but for all the strengths that make your business a positive and safe enterprise. 

Our commercial insurance puts the accent on business owners, with both standard and customized coverage for forest products and food services. The forestry industry includes logging, lumberyards, sawmills and tree farms, but woodworkers, furniture stores and cabinet manufacturers also apply. As for food services, this is one of the staples of community and family life and, along with it, come the unique risks associated with providing food, drink and entertainment to the public.

Keystone National is there for businesses representing a gamut of commercial risks. It may be a neighborhood building contractor, the antique shop on the corner, the quaint bed & breakfast along a scenic country road or a computer repair business on the commercial strip outside of town.

You’ll find an agent near your business who will work closely with you.

Your Farm…

picturesque barnFarmers have historically been the lifeblood of America, feeding the country as well as other parts of the world. Modern agriculture has changed, and though the full-time farmer is still a major player, both on the family farm and as a corporate enterprise, part-timers and even hobby farmers are assuming a higher profile.

Keystone National is there with coverage under its farmowners’ insurance, whether farming is your chief source of income or something more supplemental. All types of property and liability coverage is available for those who derive an income from agriculture, and that includes everything from the primary residence to the corn crib. If your farm is also your home, there is coverage to compensate for loss or theft of personal belongings. You may even protect full- and part-time employees and those with whom you do business with provisions for medical payments when appropriate.

What haven’t changed on the American farming landscape are the risks from “adverse natural events” that are so prevalent in agriculture compared to other businesses. Perils covered include floods, earthquakes, damage due to weight from ice or snow and electrocution of livestock, but we also cover loading/unloading accidents and other workaday risks inherent to farming.

This is when you need that local agent who knows you to help get claims resolved quickly and fairly.

Your Special Events…

Then there is specialty insurance, which could cover a seasonal hunting club, a campground, a household auction or an afternoon wedding reception. Your organization may want to provide liability coverage for a fund-raising softball tournament or a youth sports program. It may be something that lasts only a few hours, such as your daughter’s backyard nuptials, or the year-round coverage needs of your homeowners’ association.

Keystone National’s specialty insurance applies to both property and liability protection. It might be a day-care facility or auto-body shop at your home. You may seek protection from civil suit or property damage when allowing public access to a lake or pond on your property. In fact, just about anything that draws a crowd, depending on the perils involved, could fall under this coverage.

Did You Know?

Spoiled food in freezers and refrigerators are often NOT covered under homeowners policies, but exceptions abound from state to state. Coverage would be more likely if the source of the power outage is nearby, such as a line break. Check with your agent. (Insurance Information Institute)